Switch Off the Lights

Switch Off The Lights

I decided, after some thought, to move my streams to later at night, rather than the middle of the day. I didn’t feel entirely comfortable streaming some of the titles that I was wanting to during the time I’d initially settled on.

So, I discussed it with my spouse, and with everyone’s okay, the stream moved to 7pm this Monday.

This initial stream wasn’t smooth going, but it’s to be expected. I hadn’t had the chance to get down to my rig for a few days and sort things out. Some things didn’t create an issue until mid-way through the stream because my system usually applies patches and updates during that time.

I’ll be sticking with it for a while – any type of streamer advice will tell you that having a schedule and having it be as consistent as possible is important.

I’ll be working on getting a schedule up here, but the important times to keep in mind are Monday and Wednesday at 7pm to about 10pm, and Friday 10a-1pm, on Twitch, YouTube, Trovo, Facebook Gaming – whichever one you prefer to watch.

So, grab a tasty snack, cold (or hot) drink and turn out the lights. We’re going gaming.