In trying to decide on a title for the entry, my mind of course, hits me with a mental jukebox blast from the past….

Take your time, hurry up
Choice is yours, don't be late
Take a rest as a friend
As an old
Memoria, memoria
Memoria, memoria

I’ve been trying for a while to decide what direction I wanted to go in. There is so much that I sat down with and had to sift through to make this decision.

I’ve teased that there will be an update, a major one, soon for a while. Yes, there have been delays, but these substantial changes are coming, and soon.

One of the harder things for me to deal with in this is bringing all the distinct parts of what makes Peri tick together.

The things I play aren’t always kawaii and cute. While I may love the kawaii aesthetic, I’m not sure it’s a good fit for the whole spectrum of content I want to share, or who I am. I really am a vortex of kawaii, and dragons, punk and black, pastel and goth. So, as you can see, finding a single direction has been challenging work.

For right now, the schedule remains the same – streaming three days a week, times variable. I’ll be setting out a schedule for the new stuff to be rolled out for everyone soon, but I’m not going to court fate and set it out ahead of time.

Until then, you’ll want to drop a follow on my socials to keep up and see Sarcasm as a Service in action.