Journey into Fall

fall leaf on laptop
Photo by Engin Akyurt on

Hard to believe that we’re almost at the start of the new school year. That it’s almost fall.

This summer has been hard for a lot of us, and my life hasn’t been an exception to that. I’ve been busy with many, many non-content creation things, including my day job.

I don’t want to go into the negative stuff other than to say fuck cancer.

I’ve pressed pause on a stream schedule for right now, because I am getting the Kidlet ready to head back to school, and I have some big (good) family things coming up.

A lot of streamers seem to be pressing pause as well, and I can’t blame them. We’re in year two of a global pandemic, the stress of that alone has been hard for many of us. I don’t know too many that can say they don’t know someone who hasn’t had or hasn’t lost someone they love from this damn virus.

I’m currently putting together a streaming schedule for the fall (mid-September on to end of October).

This journey has been something. I almost didn’t start because of the sheer negativity of streamers that, still to this day, would like to see me give the eff up and go away. But I’ve met some awesome people, and their encouragement and general positivity has lifted me up.

I’ve also branched out to other streaming sites beyond the big gun of Twitch. I haven’t pulled fully away, but right now with the whole situation of hate raids targeted at minority creators (and no, it’s not just the “Big Guns” who are getting it).

I’ve also been learning what type of content that I want to stream and feature. I legit am one of those people who loves damn near every genre out there. So many games, so little time, really.

So, look for an update from me around mid-September.

Take care of yourselves, stay healthy, get vaccinated, and be excellent to one another.