I’m Back

I'm Back

Of course, I get lyrics from a song in my head after writing I’m back.

But I am slowly coming back to streaming and gaming. I’m able to say I’m back with a measure of confidence now.

I had to take that time off for many reasons, and most of them were related to feeling overwhelmed from everything that was going on around me. Losing our cherished little Chihuahua Ozzy just set me on my butt.

I will not allow myself to get to that point again. Over the past while, my streaming schedule has been a mess because I’m adjusting still to new tech, new location and the Kidlet being home on summer break while the spouse is still work from home.

I’ve started trying to pull a lot of gameplay that I haven’t streamed to create a few highlight type videos. They’ll be up on two sites as I get the chance.

It amazes me that I can create 4K, professional level stuff on my iPad Pro.

Created on my iPad using footage from my Nintendo Switch

I mean, that was created in like a half hour from start to finish. I’ve been doing video editing since S-VHS was a thing, and it never ceases to amaze me that I can pull that off on a mobile device! That I can pop on my Air Pods, fire up some Our Lady Peace, and before I can listen to an entire album, I’ve got something I can put up on YouTube.

You may also have noticed that I’m in the final stages of a visual rebrand. Why? Because during those two months off, I decided that I wanted to embrace certain things, and to be true to myself. My favourite colour is indeed still periwinkle blue (and if you’re a Pantone Nerd like me, that means – 16-4031 TCX, 17-3932 TCX, and 15-3919 TCX are all in the right part of the spectrum), but I’ve always had a love for kawaii things, and I while pink is nowhere near my favourite colour, I don’t have the burning hate that I used to – I still do not like that it’s the colour that is pushed at people who identify as female, but working to smash the system from the inside is totally valid. 😉

I’ll also be putting up more posts and other things here. So stay tuned!