happy unicorn improvement

As I said in my last entry, the death of my dog really hit me hard. I had felt, for a long time, that I was on a treadmill that kept getting faster and faster. I couldn’t stop that treadmill to take a breath.

But that day, that solidified that I needed to stop for a while. To step back. So, I did.

Since that day, I’ve been working on my mental health, my creative life, and spending extra time with my family. My therapist has made sure, in my appointments since then, that I know that my coping skills are healthy, and that they are seeing improvement every time that we talk.

This is just reenforcing that I made the right choice. That I stopped before my body and soul decided to stop me.

I’ll be extending my break to the end of the month, as I am still working on some improvements to my physical environment. But I think you’ll agree, when you see it, that it was entirely worth it.

I will update with more information when I can. There is a lot going on in my life still, but at least I don’t feel like I’m always on that figurative treadmill.

Take care of yourselves and I will be back soon!