Maintenance Mode Engaged

Tiny figures work on a hard drive.

It’s been a while since I updated here. There have been a lot of reasons, but that’s for another time. Right now I’ve had to pretty much call Rule Zero, and put myself into what could be viewed as a Maintenance Mode.

What is Rule Zero? Real Life takes Priority. Right now, I’ve got health issues that we’re looking into the what and why, and they’re making it hard for me to get any sleep and energy to game. Hence Maintenance Mode. I have a lot of day job stuff to deal with, added onto the health issues. I hate getting the feeling that I’m on an out of control treadmill, running just to keep up, lest the damn thing shoot me across the room like in The Sims.

I’m not giving up. Far from it. But I am taking time that I need to get to where I am not suffering from burnout – creative, autistic, you name it.

I’ll be back March 1, 2023. I’ll update more as to what a schedule will look like, but I don’t see it changing too much.

So stay safe. Stay warm and remember that you’re awesome!

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