Plans and the Road Ahead

A planner flatlay with a paper planner and a white keyboard in the rear

It’s been a while since I sat down to write something here – life has had me feeling like I’d been on a treadmill that ran faster and faster than I could.

But, this week, despite being exhausted and living on caffeine, spite and antidepressants, I had that feeling come over me – the one that I can best describe as being at peace – at peace with my plans for the next while, knowing that I can do it, ,and having ideas for planning. It’s a feeling I’ve only felt maybe twice before. It’s a very very good feeling, and everyone should feel it in their lifetime.

So I’ve been working putting those plans into a written form. Giving them depth, and life. I am still happy with them- and they allow me to be flexible when life has its moments of unpredictability.

The changes, well, you’ve probably seen a few of them. I still love the Lisa Frank aesthetic, but it just wasn’t a 100% fit. I tried a pastel goth aesthetic and I felt it, while it was nice, again, just not the right fit.

Then I found this, and it felt right. I will be keeping in mind what made me feel that rightness for any other future themes.

I’m still working out the lumps in my streaming schedule, and that’ll be something that I’ll have to post an update about soon.

That said, it’s time for me to go relax and enjoy the time with my family.

Have fun, Stay safe, and I’ll be back soon!