Aaargh sums up my frustration with technology lately. First it was my audio being funky, and then Sunday night, my install of Diablo 2 decided to not work with my streaming software, and it looks like a Windows update messed it up.

So one thing, then another and then another….

I’m about to go into the forest and scream.

Aaargh !

But I’ll re-evaluate over the week and see what would be a good idea. Also, as we’re coming to the end of the month, I’ll be switching up my games for April.

I’m still learning and working on things when it comes to streaming. I’ll always be learning. It’s just how I’m wired.

Even though I could throw my hands into the air and walk away, I’m going to keep going. I’m stubborn that way. I will keep going, but I do not make any promises about not swearing the entire time.

I’m also re-evaluating a few other things, and I’ll talk about them as it gets closer to completing them. Going to shake up a few things in the next month or so and I can’t wait to see how it all goes.