Level Up

level up

So, in just under a month, I’ll level up.

Yep. I’m getting older. A privilege denied to a lot of people, and more so since this whole pandemic.

Usually, I’d run a Facebook fundraiser for our local children’s hospital on my personal profile, but this year, I wanted to do something a bit different.

This year, I’m raising funds for our local children’s hospital through Extra Life. My kiddo loves it when I do my streams and has asked repeatedly if they can be in one. They have benefited from our local children’s hospital in so many ways, and I feel so blessed that we’re close to such a world class institution.

You can visit my page to donate here, and as usual for my Canadian peeps, they’re a charitable donation that’ll help you on next year’s taxes. I also am planning to do a stream around my birthday – more details on that TBD.

Now, if someone could adjust the damn difficulty level, that would be appreciated. 😉

Stay safe, stay home, and as always stay happy!